Day Outings

Pre-School visit

Visitors are welcome to visit the pre-schools during term times. 3 classrooms were built at the Makheteng School, Malealea. Donations were received from visitors.

Local museum in a traditional hut

Visit a local museum in a traditional hut where you can see plenty of Lesotho herbs and plants. David Mokhala offers cups of herbal Basotho tea and relates the history of Basotho traditions and their use of herbs.

Village walk and garden project

Children from the village take you on a walk to their homes and places of interest. The guides and the schools are first paid. The balance goes to the Malealea Development Trust.

Rates: R10.00 per hour, per person.  Guides are paid R15.00 per hour and the balance goes to Malealea Development Trust. OR
R15.00 per hour per family.

Plant a tree

Tsepang, another entrepreneur, has started a fruit tree and tree nursery. Offset the carbon emissions created by your travels and plant a tree in the Malealea Village.

Hiking trails

Do the Pitseng Canyon Hike to a cascade of three rock pools with a large canyon and overhanging rocks.
This hike can be arranged in the morning or the afternoon.
Duration: 3 or 6 hours

Rates: R15 per hour per person or per family, which is paid to the guides.

Sangoma appointment

Please book in the morning for this late afternoon appointment.
Basotho herbalists are called Sangomas. We have a Sangoma in the village. A Sangoma appointment is for people who are genuinely interested in finding out about traditional healers. The Sangoma “throws the bones” and discusses the health, travels and well being of the visitor. You have to ask the questions that you are interested in hearing the answers to e.g. health, travel family etc. The answers are often symbolic and you have to read between the lines. Most of the time only the genuinely interested people get a good response. Other visitors may be disappointed. It is up to you to ask as many questions as possible.
If you are unhappy with his consultation – please tell Pitso and Nkopane.

Rates: R50.00 per person

Day Pony Treks

Pony treks can be arranged in the morning or the afternoon. Beginner riders can ask for the village children to accompany their horse and lead them at a rate of R15 per hour. This gets paid to the guide.

  • Bushman Painting Pony Trek

    2 hours riding and 1 hour steep hike to the paintings
    Level: easy

  • Gorge Trek

    Very easy 2 hour ride to the top of a gorge. Good for beginners
    Level: easy

  • Botsoela Waterfall

    4 hour trek. It is advisable to take a packed lunch
    Level: for adventurous trekkers

  • Bushman paintings and the Botsoela waterfall

    5-6 hour trek. It is advisable to take a packed lunch
    Level: for adventurous trekkers

  • Makhaleng Plateaux Ride

    5-6 hour trek. It is advisable to take a packed lunch
    Level: for experienced riders
    Rates: R200.00pp for 2 people or R175.00pp for 3 people


Please pay the young boys who are the guides on day walks or lead the horses R15 per hour.  If you want to contribute to the economy of the country, you are welcome to have more guides accompany your group.
The children are always keen to take you to their homes and on a tour to the local school. These can be arranged.

Scenic drives

Visitors driving in their own vehicle.

  • Botsoela waterfall drive

    Type: high clearance vehicles and 4×4. Duration: about 2 hours.

  • Jobo Mountain Adventure into the Ribaneng valleys

    Type: 4×4 drive. Duration: 3 hours that can be extended to a full day.

  • Makhaleng Sunset Drive

    Type: 4×4 drive. Duration: Shorter real 4×4 adventure to top of a gorge

Children’s Choir and Band

A children’s choir and a music band perform for guests every evening. The choir put a hat down and are paid separately from the band. Minimum donations are R25pp for the choir and R20pp for the band.

5.30 pm – Basotho Choir
6.00 pm – A local Basotho Band, using homemade instruments entertain the visitors. Guests are welcome to dance with the band and this always creates good interaction and is good fun.

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