Northern Lesotho Route

There are two options for visitors driving around Northern Lesotho. The first option is to drive to Lesotho entering at Van Rooyens Gate past the “Gates of Paradise Pass” at Malealea. An alternative and scenic route is the route from Malealea from Mafeteng.

Malealea to Mafeteng

Drive back to Mafeteng, turn left at the first junction and continue for a few kilometres on the tar. Take the turning to the left onto a gravel road. This road continues past Thaba Tsoeu and comes out at Matelile (Seeiso). Turn right and continue a few kilometres to the Malealea sign. Turn left and drive over the Gates of Paradise Pass. It is 7kms to Malealea.
Spend 1 or 2 days at Malealea participating in one of our activities:

  • A 4×4 adventure trip to Jobo or short 4×4 trips to nearby villages
  • Day pony treks or hiking trails to nearby waterfalls, Bushman paintings or to the Pitseng Canyon
  • 1-6 day overnight pony treks to Ribaneng, Ketane, Semonkong Waterfalls.

Malealea to Semonkong

This 4-hour, 150 km route is over magnificent mountain passes. Take the road to the Botsoela Waterfall via the Sebelekoae Mission and the Raleqheka mission, taking all the right turns until you get to the tar road. Turn right and continue to Semonkong. At the weir near Semonkong turn right to view the Maletsunyane 192 m single drop waterfall.

Semonkong to Roma

This is a 3 hour drive

Roma to Thaba Bosiu

This is a 10-minute drive. Visit Thaba Bosiu, where King Moshoeshoe 1 founded the Basotho Nation. There are guides at the Lesotho Tourist Board Information Centre who will take you up the mountain and explain the history of the Basotho Nation. Enjoy a pool lunch at the Lesotho Sun before continuing to Oxbow Lodge.

Thaba Bosiu to Oxbow

Near Teyateyaneng, on the right hand side, there is a turn-off to the Helang Basali Mohair Weaving & Tapestry Centre.
The Leribe Craft Centre is on the left hand side as you enter Leribe. Handicapped Basotho people sell wool & mohair jerseys and other curios. Continue up the Moteng Pass to Oxbow Lodge at 2840m altitude.
You can also turn right at Leribe to go to Katse Dam.

Oxbow to Katse

From Oxbow, turn right at the Kao Mines signpost. The turn off to Lejone is 60kms ahead and it takes 6 hours to get there.
Katse Lodge gives preference to the construction workers. Make sure you have accommodation booked and confirm 24 hrs ahead

Katse to Sani Top

This route goes via Sheshote to Malingoaneng to Tlokoeng. The distance is 75km and takes 8 hours. It is at least another hour from Tlokoeng to Sani Pass.

Oxbow to Sani Pass

This is a 3-hour drive.

Katse to Sani Pass via Thaba Tseka

This is about a 5-hour drive.

Sani Pass via Thaba Tseka to Malealea

This is a 7 to 8 hour drive.

Sani Top to Marakabei via Thaba Tseka

This is about a 4-hour drive. Morija Museum is worth stopping in for a visit.

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